luminato festival toronto rodolfo peraza

Postcards to Toronto – Luminato Festival 2015

A partnership between Luminato Festival and PATTISON Onestop Artists from the Pan American countries – who have never been to the city – share snapshots of the Toronto they imagine in an art installation appearing ...

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Malla-Net 2.0 – 12 Bienal de La Habana, Centro Wifredo Lam

Malla Net is a web application that gives the possibility of creating virtual worlds (metaverse) in which today’s world can be uploaded to the internet. The piece has been developed using open sources and is ...

Jailhead & Infirstlife rodolfo peraza internet project

Cool War: Game Art Across the Straits

Months after the December, 2014 announcement of the normalization of relations between the two nations, Cool War showcases artists whose work reminds us of the abiding manichaeisms and military technologies that structure video games, while ...

Cuban Virtualities rodolfo peraza

Cuban Virtualities

Cuban Virtualities is the first exhibition on new media art from Cuba to be held outside the island. While a surge in access to digital technologies and the Internet has affected many urban centers in ...

rodolfo peraza

Zeit(lose)Zeichen (a tribute to Otto Neurath)

Zeit(lose)Zeichen (a tribute to Otto Neurath) What is the state of art in today’s visual language? Signs, icons and ideograms determine our daily communication; pictographic guidance systems dominate public space. Much of what we understand ...

rodolfo peraza ssign art project

Portugal Arte 10

Portugal Arte 10 EDP is a new biennial show of contemporary art in Lisbon / Portugal and the surrounding region. The first edition of the international survey of contemporary art features a large program of ...

rodolfo peraza group show hablando alto

Hablando Alto

Hablando Alto, Luz y Oficio Gallery. Havana, Cuba, 2010. (Group Show)

rodolfo peraza danca cuba rio de janeiro 2008 gentil carioca gallery stickers

Lanca Cuba

(PRESS RELEASE) A Gentil Carioca has the pleasure to invite you to the opening of the show Lanca Cuba that will take place on Saturday June 28th from 4p.m. to 8p.m. This exhibition will introduce ...


Salud, Deporte y Control

(PRESS RELEASE) by Lillebit Fadraga Galleria Umberto Di Marino Arte Contemporanea is pleased to present, Thursday, October 9, 2008, his first exhibition of young Cuban art entitled Salud, Deporte y Control, by Lillebit Fadraga. The ...

rodolfo peraza solo show play and learn

Play and Learn

Nina Menocal Gallery, Mexico DF, 2008. (Solo Show)

rodolfo peraza sign art work mocca toronto pacemaker


The strongest work in Pacemaker is by the lesser known Rodolfo Peraza, whose projection work For Your Safety strikes a note of deft subversion. Peraza has created a lexicon of little human figures modelled on ...

rodolfo peraza sign art work mocca toronto pacemaker

Nothing Is Vain Everything Is Prohibited

Public Sign installation, 2003, ISA, Havana, Cuba. (9th Havana Biennial, Collateral Show)