• Use Your Head 2.0

    Video Game (net)
  • Play & Learn series [Play and Learn 2.0: the trees prevent seeing the forest (2008)]

    Play and Learn 2.0: the trees prevent seeing the forest (2008) is 
    a video game that changed the content of a book called "Manual de 
    Educación Formal" (Manual of Formal Behavior) into a ludic battlefield 
    where the spectator played to destroy the book content and symbols, or 
    be destroyed by these.
    The "Manual de Educación Formal" was printed in Cuba by educational 
    institutions from 1973 to 2000. Its main purpose was modeling the 
    behavior of children and young people in the communist society, making 
    special emphasis in the concept of the "new man".
    [Salud, Deporte y Control curated by Lillebit Fadraga]
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  • signs [public projects]

    Time(Less) Signs / Zeit(Lose) Zeichen Contemporary Art in Reference to Otto Neurath
    Zeit(lose) Zeichen – A Tribute to Otto Neurath – DVD Sneak Preview from Karl M. Slavik on Vimeo.13 December 2012 through 17 February 2013 Opening: Wednesday,12.12.2012, 7 p.m.Pictograms, icons and apps, … analog and digital signs determine our daily communication, visual guidance systems dominate public space. The most recent political revolutions have also relied on universally understandable pictograms. That which is state of the art in today’s media originates from Otto Neurath’s system of visualization: ISOTYPE (International System of Typographic Picture Education).Otto Neurath: “The common citizen should without limitation be able to obtain information about all matters of interest …” (external link)
  • jailHead & Infirstlife 2.0

    JailHead & Infirstlife are two virtualization app than 
    reflect two states of “Presidio Modelo”. ( panoptic's jail