TMC 2.0

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Some clocks calendars generated by users.

The possibility of erasing time, a specific date-hour, tied to a collective or personal experience has been a recurrent axis among the most transcendent obsessions of the human being. TIME MACHINE 1.0 allows erasing a date-hour in a virtual environment, restarting the calendar backwards; not only erasing the selected date-hour but also making impossible its occurrence, using time as a mirror. The software deducts, from the selected time-date figures, the elapsed time until present date, it generates a new calendar with these new figures that decrease every second.

TIME MACHINE is connected to an internet time server; its date-time is set after the IP where you have access to the piece through the web. The piece will not be seen if a date is not erased first, introducing date-time data and the reason why it’s being erased. Users’ information will be introduced (in the physical space) in an attached screen preceding its own space. The web piece will only be available as long as a physical sample lasts, or until participants decide, since they will be able to invite their friends via email and social media.

Note: Each participant will receive a link with his/her clock-calendar, active in his email, after sharing it in a social media or with his email contacts. Each participant can invite a friend via email to erase a date, restarting the process and providing feedback for the TIME MACHINE data base, creating new clock-calendars, capturing statements.

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