Miami Biennale, US, April 19th, 2018 @pilgramhotspots


Pilgram 1.0

Pilgram 1.0 was a comission for an instagram-based exhibition organized by Boffo NY Foundation. Works in the project were Instagram posts on real time. My piece is titled after the combination of the terms Instagram and pilgrim as it consisted on a symbolic pilgrimage among the first five hotspots ever opened in Cuba, a place where Internet has been prohibited for a long time. By offering free wifi to those who came to the hotspots, I was able to gather meta-data of their Internet traffic. A software fed by this information, generated basic circular shapes as graphics of users’ most used apps and visited websites. By breaking down and imaging data I wanted to find patterns, trends and correlations between the individuals and their internet usage, as a form of survey.

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Hotspot 01 Rampa, Vedado, Havana, Cuba.

Hotspot 02, parque Fe del Valle Havana, Cuba.

Hotspot 03, Marianao, Havana, Cuba.

Hotspot 04, La Lisa, Havana, Cuba.

Hotspot 05, Villa Panamericana, Havana, Cuba.

General stats, five hotspots. Havana, Cuba, 2015

Social media apps.

Messenger apps.

Browsing apps.

Uncategorized apps.